BG Neo8

BG Neo8

Neo8 is a 8"/20 cm Planar Ribbon Driver incorporating latest technology!

Due to its open construction, these drivers are ideally suited for dipole-designs! Crossover frequency is strongly depending on baffle-size, but 400-700 Hz are fully realistic in proper designs. Even with only 20 cm wide baffles crossover at 700 Hz is perfect.

No conventional cone driver comes near to Neo8's sonic properties!

The bandwidth can be flattened out to 18.500 Hz / -3 dB by a rather simple EQ - this makes i.e. a good choice for vertically perfectly placed center-speakers. Please note that this unit otherwise is preferrable as pure midrange, since its vertical directivity is rather pronounced.

Technical Data:

  • SPL 93 dB @ 1W/1m
  • Impedance 4 Ohms
  • Low crossover > 400 Hz
  • Linear impedance in complete range
  • Extremely low distortion
  • High Dynamic - no compression!
  • Shielded
  • Use in Line-Arrays

Technical Data

Nominal Impedance : 4 Ohm
Frequency Range : 400-6.000 Hz
Enclosure Type/Volume : DIPOL / Closed
SPL 2,83 V/1m : 93 dB
Fs : - Hz
Rdc : 3,4 Ohm
Weight : 0,42 Kg

Price: 169,00 EUR
starting at 4 pieces only 149,00 EUR

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